newest throws for sale by TOMBSTONE HA HA HA YEAH ME


selling the following mint condition yoyos

remnant 2 color red

clyw avalanche color pink and white with blue spots

the yoyofactory + shaqler yoyo

styy bandit color black

i love yoyo falcon 2011 edition

clyw wooly marmot color purple and black acid splash






yuuksta and a hardcoat edition y factor

if neded i could throw in a protostar and 20$


How much for marmot



i love yoyo fury mint, will trade if u tell me what i have

also have code 1 purple yoyo clear fade


well, half of the stuff was bought already, all i have is the i love yoyo facon, fury, and the remants 2 also the yoyofactory + shaqler yoyo

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And what are the prices for those yoyos? You need to post prices.


He’s right you know. Also should have pictures.
Also only ONE for sale topic listing all your stuff.
Go read  the rules.,1529.0.html

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