Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet Ti NIB SOLD


As many of you know, I went crazy over the course of a month or two and ended up with mucho YoYo. My wife has been giving my collection the eye lately and I’m thinking maybe I was a little too “eager”, shall we say?
MIB, never thrown, never a string tied to it, so NIB?

Bought brand new from Tom Kuhn online. This is number 42 of 72. Comes with everything included, the Tim Kuhn pin, extra bearings, spacers… everything. Only opened the box to make sure everything was actually in there.
I can’t bring myself to throw this, despite the excellent reviews on it. Maybe someone else here can put it to use! It has the ability to be played responsive, or unresponsive! Best of both worlds, in titanium.
I’m located in Canada. Shipping into the US is about $30, tracked and insured. Looking for $300 obo, less than I paid just last month. Not looking for trades on this guy.
Thanks for looking!