Tom Kuhn Appreciation thread


I have developed a respect and love for TKs. I am severely limited to one 3in1 No Jive, courtesy of @codinghorror, the New SB Ti, and a SB 2 (from 1999) that is arriving today.

I would love to get an SB 1 and an @edhaponik Simply Play No Jive.

For some reason, I enjoy throwing responsive more than anything. There is something calming and good feeling about it. I am going back and trying to develop my responsive and 0a skills.


I’m jealous the Smothers Wines are on my grail list.

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Here it is. Infra-red SB-2 1999 with all the accessories.
Also the SB-ti. Both are just wonderful!


It’s been a grail of mine also. But I have two grail lists. The “only if I hit the lotto list” and the “only if I get incredibly lucky list”. I got incredibly luck on this one, eBay seller who regularly deals in high quality yarn somehow had this and took my offer.


Mine is an Imperial as well. I thought the Butterfly versions were rarer.

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This was my impression as well.

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I’ve looked around a lot and can’t find a picture in imperial anywhere. @edhaponik also said he can’t remember seeing one. @yoyodave42 could probably clear this up.


Only a prototype on yoyo museum

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Ah you’re right, I looked again and for some reason I always thought it was an imperial :joy:

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Law Offices of Robert M. Smith?

I mean, there are a number of omissions on the page but I’ve never heard of a law office’s No Jives.


The Law Offices of Robert Smith was a plain maple woody - made by Humingbird and does’t contain any TK branding IIRC. I think there’s one in my picture above.


There it is, I see it now. So not a No Jive then. Your collection is excellent by the way.


FYI - I posted a history of the Datachecker/DTS No Jive this morning:


20 year button 189443_10150137802669297_54073459296_6245725_6199719_n

Team patch String
A few non-yo-yo Kuhns…


Anybody know anything about the Kuhn “Territory Ahead” yo-yo? All I know is that The Territory Ahead briefly sold it on their website, but that was long before I stumbled upon it on eBay.
territory ahead territory3


As seen on Fixed Axle Friday Throws. Up on the Pine River Valley this morning so I grab my Tom Kuhn Pine River Valley Dark.


Great to have you on here Paul!!!
I haven’t looked out for that one since it’s not a No Jive, but I always loved the look of them. I’m also still so mad my dog Sadie chewed up the Team No Jive patch I got from Steve Brown! :joy:


I’ve been digging into the history of the retail branded No Jives from Tom Kuhn in the mid-80s. I’m trying to nail down the release dates and run sizes for the Kreeger & Sons, Abercrombie & Fitch and Neiman Marcus models. My research on the Abercrombie & Fitch No Jive has uncovered a minimum of three separate production runs. I’m wondering if there are others.

Here are the three that I’ve identified:

From left to right:

  1. A&F© Copyrighted release - My guess is that this model is the first release before the A&F name was a registered trademark for use on yo-yos. Based on the history of A&F’s trademark applications I believe this model came out after 1981 and before 1987. My gut feeling is that the copyright release came out around 1984.
  2. A&F® Registered small - I peg this model as the middle release but that’s just a guess. Aside from changing the © to a ®; there is another change. The diameter of the circle that “Abercrombie & Fitch” is wrapped around is wider than the © version; possibly due to a request to ‘make the logo bigger’. :wink:
  3. A&F® Registered big - I believe this to be the final release of the three models. My feeling is that this small ® model was delivered to A&F and their lawyer decided the ® symbol needed to be bigger (typical lawyering). This model would have been released no later than 1987. In 1988 the A&F brand was purchased from Oshman’s by The Limited and all inventory was divested.

During the period of time that Tom Kuhn was producing A&F No Jives the brand was owned by Houston based sporting goods company called Oshman’s. Oshman’s opened its first A&F store in 1979 in Beverly Hills as a high end retailer catering to the upscale consumer. By the mid 80s Oshman’s was operating four A&F stores (additionally in Dallas and two in New York City). With only four stores and a catalog business I can’t see production runs numbering more than a few hundred at the maximum. Tom Kuhn’s minimum run in the 80s was 100 units and I expect that each of the runs probably numbered between 100 and 200.

If anyone has additional A&F designs or details on their released that I haven’t documented here I’d appreciate hearing about them.


Don’t know much about the history of those, but I do know Abercrombie originally started as a hunting and fishing company. Some fly fisherman search out their original fly boxes, they’re really good. Find it funny what they’ve turned into eventually :joy:


The history of A&F is an interesting read. The brand has risen and fallen multiple times since it’s inception in 1892. The current youth clothing version bears little resemblance to the majority of its history. The years we care about, when the yo-yos were being sold, are a mere blip in the overall history of the company.