Today was the worst day of my life.

My 16 year old Pomeranian had to be put down today. My best buddy. I love that dog. he wasn’t a pet, he was a family member. Toby you will be missed! :’(

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Sorry to hear that. :’(
I know the feeling.

That really sucks, i feel your pain.

Sometimes i think about when my dog will die, and it brings tears to my ears.

Im really sorry, losing a dog is really like losing a best friend.


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I know how you feel Icthus, my family’s first 2 dogs ran way and I cried both times. But to think of not even having a chance at them coming back is really sad. My house would feel empty without my dogs.

It’s never an easy thing to accept. I still think about my dog Buddy from time to time. He was put down a long time ago. I’m terribly sorry for your loss.

My family’s current dog, Allie (we got while Buddy was still alive) is now around 14-15 years old. She’s deaf, and sadly, she will probably die soon too. It’s so hard living with something you love for so long, and then having to say goodbye forever.

We had to put down our 14 year old corgi 2 years ago, WOrst feeling ever, I feel for you man. People think its not a big deal cause its a pet, but dogs, they are more than just a “pet” they become part of the family.

I know its tough.


It is sad to think about. My dog Charlie is only three, but if I lost him I would cry for sure. I mean a dog is basically a human but smaller with fur. They can smell hear see taste and sort of feel. And when your dog spends 10+ years with you, it’s more than losing your friend, like losing your brother or sister. Right now, if I thought about Charlie old blind and deaf, I don’t have the heart to put him down. I know what your going to say, what if he is in pain? Ok. If your human best friend was old and withered, and you had to put him down, would you? Exactly.

I do to but this made me think about it (she is 15 soo…) and brought tears to my eyes.

Man, i feel so sorry for you

I’m sorry to hear that, my family has had more then 5 dogs, 1 of our dogs died just in 2009, he was pretty old, I’m sorry, hopefully you’ll feel better. :-[

I know the feeling. My grandfather shot my dog 2 years ago when he got drunk. We’d had her for 7 years and had been my little sisters companion for 5 years. We now have 2 puppies but we still have her picture on the fireplace. The hardest part is probably hearing my grandfather talk about it. Since then I cannot speak to him the same.

thats rough… sorry to hear that :’(

I swear if someone got drunk and did that… I would be shootin too, NOT DRUNK EITHER

WOW!!! That’s so uncool!

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Icthus! I feel for you!

My dog Maddock is going to have to be put down soon. From the get-go he’s been a bad model but he’s gotten a bit lumpy under the skin. I carry him up and down the stairs because otherwise he cries when we are not on the same floor. He’s a rescue and views us as his sun and moon, star and sky because of it, and I’ll feel really bad once he’s gone.

Feel better, I swear, or else I’ll find you and give you the biggest freakin’ hug ever!

I just realized there isn’t a dog thread. We should have one to talk about our companions and remember those who are no longer with us. For me dogs have been friends, companions, guardians and coworkers

Sorry to hear of your loss. Dogs are the best and 16 years is a long life. Just lost one of my dogs about 11 months ago. I still miss her! Wouldn’t have done it any differently though. The years spent with her are worth the pain and loss I feel. Dogs are totally worth the investment, they give so much more than they take. Thus the feeling of loss. Remember the good and know that you gave a great dog a great life.


Thanks everyone!

Sorry to hear about that.

I’ve had my bird die. I think from loneliness when I went off to college. Cage trained him so he wouldn’t poop where-ever he was at the time. Great little budgie.

Had one dog die in a kennel. He had an ear operation that many cocker spaniels get due to infections.(it also makes them deaf). I think he got fed up with all the poking and proding, and he was 11 at the time. Apparently, he just laid his head down on his paws, went to sleep and never woke up. I guess he thought he’d spare us the pain of dying at the house. The other dog was beside him when it happened. About 5 years later, that dog had to be put down. Also had the ear operation and was having tumors growing in his butt. Put down on his birthday of 14.

My older pug is 11 and I know that I have to start thinking about that. My other is 9, so again, we’re on the downward side of thins. I am so no looking forward to it. My lap dogs, my buddies. I often refer to them as my furry kids.(and they are better behaved than my real kids).

Sending good thoughts your way. I couldn’t respond sooner, I was doing a stupid show.

reading these posts makes me think of… that horrid time. ANd brings tears to me.

Dogs are a wonderful friend. Hold no grudges, don’t get angry, can’t steal things, and make a absolutly wonderful friend. But every dog has its terrible time. I am very scared as my dog is about 15 nowa days ( older than me) and the vetranerian says she is in very good health and might have 3 years left, I sure hope so.