My cat died...

We just realized this on January 2nd… Mom came into the garage and found my cat dead… No blood whatsoever. Dad also said that he heard a choking like-sound on New Years Eve Morning and went upstairs to check on my brother and I… So we think my cat choked and died… I’m so sad now :’( She was a great companion…

I’m very sorry man. I know what it’s like to lose a pet. My condolences… :’(


I’m sorry to hear that. At least it lived to see the end of 2012…

She lived till December 31st Morning. She didn’t ever get to see 2013…

I’m sorry to hear about your cat TacSpeed. It’s hard when we lose our furry little companions and the grief we feel is very real. As you can tell from my avatar cats have a special place in my heart. The pic is of my cat Banjo Jinx who I lost at just 14 months of age to FIP. That was over two years ago and I still miss him.

I am sorry for your loss, maybe someday when the time is right you can give another little kitty a nice home.


Sorry man I know how hard it is to lose an pet.

That really sucks man.

I cant even imagine losing my cat or dog. Ive had them way to long. About 10 years each, they are integrated into my life soo deep that losing them would a(or e?)ffect me very deeply. My pets are my stress relievers and they make me happy when im sick.

They also occasionally pee on my clothes.

My cat got ran over by a logging truck :’(

I’ve had to lose a cat, it’s so sad.:cry:

Same here, but she was outdoor… And when I cried outside she’d come and snuggle by me on the grassy hill we have in our long driveway…

We’re planning on getting another kitten in the Summer to spend more time with it. I got Lilly, my California Spangled cat when I was about 3 or 4. She’s been with me for a long time until now she passed away. When I was 3 or 4 I didn’t really know what to do with a kitten. So I think I’ll have more fun with this cat when it’s a kitten than when we had Lilly. But I’ll never have a greater time when it’s older than Lilly when she was older :frowning:

My dog died today,… I know the feeling

R.I.P Cooky 2011-2013

I know the feeling,how’d he/she (hard to distinguish) pass?

She got a bone stuck in her throat. Poor little puppy, she suffered a lot. I had to put her down ASAP :’(