To use or not to use, your most expensive yoyos?

If I spend money on any yoyo I’m gonna play it doesnt matter 20 to 120 $$ they need to be played


Why not?!

I’m totally into that line of thought!
I wear this watch everyday. Just saying.


Humans need food, ultra-niche hobby toys will survive without being played

I play all of my throws, otherwise they get listed for sale.

Now, I don’t play everything out of pocket, some are “house queens” that only get played at home over the rug.

That said, I just got back from walking up to the beach, throwing my RSO Gravity the whole way over concrete and asphalt…no fear!

And if it catches a fat ding…who cares? I clearly play it, so resale value is not a concern.


If I’m gonna put something on my shelf thats worth a couple hundred dollars for the purpose of it being on a shelf, its not gonna be a yoyo.
If I’m gonna put a yoyo on a shelf for the purpose of it being on a shelf, it will probably be my first yoyo FH2 as a (single) sentimental piece of beginnings