To strip or not to strip...

Don’t be a perv. I’m talking about the ano on my Capless…

I’m considering stripping it. The ano looks really cool. Kind of like an explosion in outer space or something wonderful like that. On the other hand, it’d look awesome raw as well what with it’s flat hub area and lovely lines.

What does the population of YYE think?

Don’t do it! I love the colors on the Capless.

Unless you really do not like the color, then strip it.

I have the same capless and want to strip mine. DO IT.

how would you strip it??

Well, it’s not something you want to just mess around with. You need lye. I use oven cleaner because it’s easy to find and inexpensive. It is extremely poisonous though. I’d recommend parent supervision…

I use it without gloves or anything, but its a better raw affect if you use sp in my experience. Don’t do it until it gets damage by the way.

Oh yes. I’ve stripped many an ano in my day.

But I love that particular Capless colourway!

It would be pretty boss stripped, too, mind you… or gloss white PC’d.

If you strip it, I may just cry ::slight_smile:


Seeing your capless on BST made me cry :frowning:

If it’s beat strip it, otherwise don’t.

Strip an ugly throw. That colorway is too pretty.

Little bit of a necro :wink: No reason to post here

Oh yea, it’s goin’ down!

Nooooooooo it is so pretty!!!

It’s too young to die!!!

This Capless is about to get showered in ones!

whats stripping a yoyo mean sorry i havent been that deep into yoyoing yet.

Removing the anodize (the coloring).

This is done by making it rain.

I tried stripping a yoyo once. I have no idea what I did wrong, but it ended up looking a complete mess and having the texture of sandpaper… absolutely ruined it.

It was only a YYF Skyline though, so I’m not fussed. :stuck_out_tongue: