TMBR Irving


I was able to do 1.5 hook on it lololol

(Kei) #2

Nice stuff man!
Impressed you pulled off a 1.5 hook on that. I couldn’t haha


LOL thanks

Bigyoyostring Panther string is really thick and extremely smooth

That makes the yoyo unresponsive for the most part

(Kei) #4

Oh! That makes sense XD
I was cringing when you started that hook haha. Many bad experiences with hooks and responsive yoyos.


No offense, but what’s the point of a fixed axle if it’s unresponsive?

(2Sick Joey) #6

I also have an Irving and it sleeps so long and is basically an unresponsive yoyo that requires a bind


To impress people I suppose.

It’s normally responsive with regular cotton string, but I wanted to challenge myself so I put some BYY String on there. :slight_smile:


This video was powered by my Irving.

On a side note, I’m still trying to land a 1.5 hook…


What? You should have had me help you with it!

At least I helped you with triple tower :slight_smile:

Thanks fore the free Irving I have seriously been loving it :smiley:


Anytime. And you did try to teach me 1.5 hook, haha. I can hook it so it looks like a 1.5 mount, but the yoyo is in an undermount (how you bind) instead of in a trapeze.


That’s how it is supposed to be! :wink:

It should be in an undermount kind of 1 and a half mount.

Make a video so we can help you


Oh, I thought it was supposed to land in an actual 1.5 mount. I think I’m doing it correctly then.