TiWalker Aquired! Please close


Edit: yes I am crazy, and please only contact me if you hav a TiWalker

Okay so most of you already know I would give an arm and a leg for a TiWalker, but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to use it to it’s full potential missing those. So I’m gonna make 2 offers here. I believe they should be quite in your favor and if nothing here meets your taste please feel free to contact me and maybe I can offer something a little more 1-1ish.

Let it be known these are for MINT TiWalkers. Only way I will take anything else is if the marks can be polished off completely.

DEAL 1: $700!

DEAL 2: pick 2 from category 1 and 1 from category 2 (unless you’re taking the 7H and Dazzler)
DEAL 3: pick 1 from category 1 and 2 from category 2

Category 1:

CLYWxLuftverk Ti Peak raw (mwb)

YYR Seventh Heaven (nm)

2Sick Rook (mwb)

YYR Dazzler (mwb)

YYR Draupnir (Black) (mwb)

YYR Sputnik (Black) (mwb)

SOMETHING Anglam MG (See deal 2 below)

Category 2: (all mint) (case pic below)



ART Quail

CLYW Chief

CLYW Sasquatch (pic coming soon)

CLYW Cliff

Oddity Design XS

BBB Endeavor (glow in the dark ano)

SF SS (case)
SF SF (pic coming soon)
YYR POM Draupnir (case)
Sengoku Masamini (case pic)
Sengoku massamaxx (pic coming soon)
CLYW Glacier Express (FG for ano flaw) (case pic)
CLYW Gnarwhal 2 (FG for ano flaw) (case pic)
CoreCo Alleycat (case pic)


Bump. If I get a TiWalker I plan to sell some of these I don’t play as much. Planning on having a few titanium’s in the lot and some ART’s so spread the word!

Edit: bump: potentially my last bump before being an owner of a TiWalker. So if you haven’t gotten a hold of me yet and want to make a deal now would be the time.

(Priyanka) #3

You have some pricey yoyos in your collection. Don’t have a TiWalker, but I hope you can get one!


This is my kind of crazy! :crazy_face:

(LJ) closed #5