FS: OG TiWalker, B-Grade Quints, MIP HSpin, and more

Hey guys, clearing some stuff out before heading to school. I have another 20ish yoyos from the boom era I’m going to put up later, but here are a few for now! Below, when I say, MIB/MIP, I mean it… they’ve never been pulled from the package. $4 shipping in US, we can discuss overseas.

TiWalker #22: Anodized, looks cool but I’m more a fan of raw titanium. My photos don’t do the blue hue justice. Last two I know if sold for $650 and $700 respectively, looking for $500 on account of it being anodized. Sold

B-Grade Quints: Ano’d by a budding anodized, $25. Right column sold

HSpin Good and Evil 4 Silver Edition MIP: $120
HSpin Cut MIP: $75
Werrd TFL Smooth MIP: $60

YYC Trap, minor rim damage: $30
YYF Cyborg 2.0, few ano imperfections: $30
BBB Endeavor, some vibe: $50

Werrd 4XL MIP: $60 Sold
Werrd TFL Satin MIP: $60 Sold
YYF Speed Dial x4 MIP: $40 Sold
Yomega Metallic Missile MIP: $30 Sold
Yomega Wing Force MIP: $30 Sold
Henry’s Coral Snake MIP: $20 Sold
Henry’s Viper MIP: $20 Sold



Must be harder to sell ti Walkers at that price now with the release of the Vayder.


That walker is beautiful


Actually I think that theory is flawed for a very simple reason.

If somebody wants an Original Ti-Walker; it doesn’t matter how many Ti Vaders are available at whatever price.

People looking for Ti Walker performance or slightly better than OG Ti Walker performance; then most likely it wouldn’t matter which you get. And obviously why pay more for an OG; if you can pay less and get the Ti Walker type experience.

But for anybody looking for an Original TiWalker; they have to at least consider the going prices; or they most likely don’t want or need one that bad.

I personally like the Ti Vayder much better than the Original Ti Walker. But also; to me; the Ti Walker is just as special; because without the Ti Walker(8 years ago) there would be no Ti Vayder today.

Now… that being said; I got both my Original Ti Walkers; years ago. And they certainly didn’t cost me over maybe 200 bucks each. And Since I am not a collector; I certainly would not even consider paying large amounts for another one🙀.

But then again; there is no urgency to get one. Since I don’t collect to display and I dont need another one; lol.

But this one that Matt is selling; is an OG. And will sure end the search for anybody looking for an Original and not caring that it doesn’t really even look Titanium anymore(Original raw look):nerd_face:. Not a bad price; considering…

PS…if I was into ‘consecutive; I would no doubt buy the ‘above’ Ti Walker. Since it is number 22; because I have number 21 :nerd_face:.


If that cut is still around in a few months lmk :slight_smile: id take it now but all my yoyo funds got eaten up at worlds.


Bump, couple sold


Sold pretty quickly.



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