Titanium steel hybrid

How much would one of these sell for? Assuming that the aluminum steel version is $100, how much would a titanium steel version cost? Imagine a titanium/steel shutter or some other great yoyo…

Im not saying one of these will be released anytime soon, im just curious to see what you think.

Im guessing $300 to start and gradually go down to $150?

We would all be guessing just like you🤓

But I think your guess sounds reasonable. I am sure there are a few Machineshops that could turn out a Ti-metal yoyo for 300 or less.

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What you want is already is


Actually I don’t think he wants a $900 yoyo🤓

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Lol forgot about that one… But 4 realz aint that a bit overpriced? Like a tiny 200% bit much? Besides i didnt see many people raving about it…


i believe the TiSS is priced so cause there is no one that did it

is this setup viable for mass production? i dont believe so

since the effect of the SS rim weight is less in Ti than in Al


There have been two of these released and they retailed for $510 and $900. Considering no one has released a solely titanium yoyo for $150 I don’t know why you think something with more complex to make than that would hit that price.

Nah… I don’t buy that, Nathan🤓

First of all; two limited releases only actually indicate what ‘they’ were sold for.

They may have little to do with actually could be done ‘at a price’.

Your response failed to recognize that the OP also mentioned $300 as part of the ‘range’.

…Also consider that a Ti-steel Yoyo does not have to be as complex as the Fulvia BTM-R design(taking months and 9 prototypes before finalizing).

One of the hardest parts of a Ti Yoyo construction is the actual difficulty of machining the Titanium. But other than that; a simpler design ending in a bi-metal construction, could be achieved for around the $300 price point.

Nobody ever said that that price point could not be approached without a radical design.

It could be as simple as an Anglam type of design. <> A Ti body cut for pressed in rings like an Anglam or Turning Point Leviathan 6.

At least a few solid Ti yoyos could be recalculated for steel rings without encountering any insurmountable difficulties.

…The people that make the Vosum Time could make a Ti-metal Yoyo for $300. I don’t even know them. But it is self evident just by seeing what they did with the Time; that they have the expertise to do one for $300.

I think the simple mistake made by the Doubters that a Ti-steel Yoyo could not be made for $300 because judgement was/is clouded by assuming the design has to be ‘very expensive and complicated’.

…As I already mentioned; think of an Anglam type shape with readjustments; could be press-fitted with steel rings.

Sorry in advance if this reality upsets anybody with alternate views.

But it is very possible… A Ti+steel Yoyo for $300.


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I think somebody could hit a basic Ti and steel design for $300. I don’t think that design would ever get down to $150.