Titanium: on the rise or fading out?


Yeah, hard to ignore the auditory pleasure that comes from a Ti yo-yo


“Good bimetals generally perform better than the best titanium monometals…”

“Another consideration is that titanium (as noted earlier) is ~2x the density of 7075, which makes it better for pushing weight around in a monometal, and 6061 is less dense, which makes it more difficult to push weight around.”

Because of the above points, I believe the future of Ti may be more as a vehicle for exploring interesting shapes and weight distributions. You’re starting to see that in yoyos like the Ti Peak, and the Neutron.

One of my very favorite yoyos is the 2Sick Fianchetto. It’s not a competition yoyo by any stretch, but it has a nostalgic feel, while providing superb performance. I immediately thought “Cold Fusion GT” on the first throw, yet it has amazing spin power and more modern play characteristics.

The Ricochet seems to frowned upon a bit, but it’s pretty darn cool to have a small organic yoyo with so much power.

“When MYY made a 7075+SS for $50 I had high hopes that they’d eventually make a sub $150 titanium and sub $250 TISS but that never ended up happening sadly.”

I know their TiSS isn’t any cheaper than any others I’ve seen!


From a manufacturers standpoint Titanium has always been a broken model. The cost is close to 10x that of an aluminum yoyo. The retail price isn’t close to that. Get a few Bgrades in the run and you don’t break evan. Titanium yoyos tend not to be the smoothest yoyos either. Couple that $300 price tag with anything short of glass and people get upset.

You see lots of ‘preorder’ or Kickstarter or purely uncommercial offerings but it’s not sustainable to keep making them because it just isn’t smart business wise.

Player wise. We will make our next one as soon as I run out of Ti shutter. I hoarded myself a few :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Speaking of titanium b-grades… some info for you from the (very expensive!) Titanium Hummingbird run… I think they planned to make 22 engraved by number, and just emailed me that they discovered significant manufacturing flaws after engraving the numbers on them that ruled out the following numbers:


That’s 6 out of 22 :confused:

(Ken) #25

It’s not wise to engrave the numbers on the bearing seat :frowning:


It was some kind of machining issue with the bimetal rims, not related to the bearing seats. But it was only discovered after engraving.

(Jordan Blofeld) #27

I’ve done this on a 7075 yoyo and it was fine.


Yeah I’d imagine laser etch would be fine