Times of the Past

Haha funny story.
I found a bunch of Old YoYo Videos on my Computer and decided to do something with them. I put them all together in One video and compared them to my Newer Videos. Hope you enjoy it! All YoYos were made by YYF. XD
-Cody Wright


(Language Warning)

Cool vid! 8)

My only critique would be a better song… ;D

LOL Yeah I agree. There were only a couple songs on my computer that I could add to the video, and most of them either cursed a lot or were Country songs that didnt go well with the video at all. :smiley:

I hve finally have found someone that went the same pace I am going. :slight_smile:

Oh, and you might want to put a language warning on your post, before the video. :wink:

Thanks Man. Oh, and I was gonna put a language warning, but I tottally forgot. Ill do it now. :wink:

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