Timepiece Collectors!?

Does anybody else here also find mechanical timepieces fascinating?

I really do! Would love a nice hand wound mechanical. I have been eyeballin a few watches for years now, WAY too much money.

Even have my own Modded Invicta (Seiko Automatic movement, not the prettiest but all mechanical magic… Removed Cyclops, Dagaz Dial and Hands) 8926 Submariner want to be! Cool to watch the hairspring beat :wink:
Next build will be a classic, beautiful Hamilton 921 pocket watch movement in a custom wrist case

That’s awesome! How’d you manage to fit the Seiko movement into the Invicta casing? I have a Seiko SKX007, Omega SMPc, and a Casio G-Shock.

I won’t call myself a collector, but i have a Longines Hydroconquest, the mechanical version. Believe its the ETA 2824-movement its got.

Omega Seamaster?! VERY nice watch… My grail watch that I would love to have would be almost any of the Speedmaster Pro’s!! Love the Omega stuff :slight_smile:

As for the Invicta with a Seiko Movement… the Invitca 8926 comes with a Seiko (NH35A) automatic movement in it.
If you get a chance just google “Invicta 8926 mods” and on the Watchuseek forums has a good variety of submariner homage pieces. Was a fun thing to do… ;D

Looks like a nice sub!! And that ETA is a popular and accurate movement!

I am always dreaming about building something with a nice Swiss ETA or an OLD Hamilton (USA) movement!