Throwing Gnomes Clash of the Ancients Video

Had a lot of fun putting this together. Hope you enjoy. If your wondering about all the water/scenery, I filmed mostly on lunch break and I’m in the stream and river restoration industry.


This was great! Really wish I’d get up into the mountains a bit this summer. grrr

For some reason I thought you were an old man! haha
I guess it’s probably just because I think you’re wise and I look up to ya.

Anyhow, I always love having faces to go with screen names!

Oh! And happy cake day! :smiley:


Thanks @twitch77!!! I had a lot of fun putting this together! I’m older than I look which is annoying when you are young, but now that I’m nearly 40 and everyone thinks I’m 25 it’s kinda nice. Yoyo keeps you young I suppose!

I’m no sage, I just happened to have had quite a bit of different varying life experiences from 15-30. Instead of going to college and getting a related job. I ended up starting at the bottom and working my way up to a management/leadership/owner role in many different unrelated fields at this point. Try things that interest you. Get good at them. Teach others. You’ll not only learn a new skill, the skill will also teach you something unexpected about yourself and a better way of existing aka wisdom.

This quote sums it up.

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