Throwers... Wales, UK


Keen to know if there are any players in and around the Cardiff area (Wales, UK).

As a casual 31 year old thrower, feel like I’m on my own… or there are tons of younger kids haha


Hey man,

I’m 32 and I just started recently too.
But I’m a little further away, Weybridge, Surrey, UK

There is a SRC (Southern Regional Contest) for 2019 being held in Brighton this Saturday that you should come to if you want to meet yoyo people in the area.
That’s what I am doing and it will be my first time too.

more info on


I live in Cornwall, I’m 36 and there is no one down here.


Interestingly my fiancee is from Brighton, but we’re not down until 2 weeks after sadly!

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You have you doggy :slight_smile:

Noswaith dda, shu mae?

I’m in West Wales.


Yeah… I’m not going to pretend I speak any Welsh outside of ‘Bore da’!!!

Where in West Wales? I used to live Swansea way… more South West

Going down the valley boyo?

Mate, I had to Google what I said earlier!

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The only Welsh I know is from listening to Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

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