Throwers in China

Anyone know of any yoyo clubs in Shanghai, China or a place to find other throwers? there has to be some yoyo scene somewhere just trying to find it, all help appreciated.

I may be wrong but marcus koh may have a yoyo club there

Marcus Koh is in Singapore, Hong Kong is kinda like China, so C3yoyodesign is there. The only players in China are the gimmicky Blazing Teen people.

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I think there is a China yoyo forum called 91yoyo, you can asked them there

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??? At one time there used to be an entire website devoted to Asian yoyo players, but the 2 dudes that organized and updated the website daily for 1-3yrs , but then they burned-out and bailed?
So, nothing I know of…sorry dude!

Good luck. I was in China a few years ago and I saw (Shudder) this 5 year old dragging a metal yoyo along the road. GRAHHH. You’re going to have a hard time filing through the blazing teens people. Though, some of their yoyos are decent.