Throwdown! (A new video made by me!)

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Throw down (different soundtrack)
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Guys, the question has arrised, where did I film my video?

Answer: Part in Oceanside (In my granny’s backyard), and some in my backyard.

Just wanted to clear out the confusion. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

really good. I can see you in the near future getting sponsered by General-yo.

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Thanks! ;D

Nice. Great, smooth, and just plain awsome looking. It would be cool to throw 1 or 2 technical tricks in with with those slacks. Very fun too watch. I really liked the arm cross thing.

Thanks, yeah, I have some complicated tricks but was too lazy to film more. lol! :smiley:
Thanks for the responces guys, please do give my vid a thumbs up too! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!