Throwback Thursday Release from SPYY!!

We absolutely love throwing a classic SPYY model! They just have a certain look and feel to them that you can’t find in modern throws. It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain, and it may just be us reveling in the nostalgia of it all, but when Steve told us he found a few boxes of leftover old school models we were stoked!

These SPYY yo-yos never made it to the anodizer for production runs, so Steve decided to have them powder coated in some really cool colors and textures! The Galactic Goose is a beautiful powder blue with a polished finish. The Addiction is a sparkly black/brown with an amazing stone-like finish and smooth string gap. The Supra is a dusty gold/yellow with a faint sparkle and the same stone-like textured finish as the Addiction.

This may be the last chance to get your hands on one of these classics. We don’t get throwback releases like these often, but when we do it’s something to get excited about!