Throw-Yo SOLUTIONS Strings - New Cycle Series Inks!

Well shoot bud that looks glorious.

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PRIDE Emulsion string is now live! It’s $10 for a 3pk, and only comes in 7cP viscosity. You can still order them as lefty strings. They’re a mix of rayon, nylon, trilobal poly, and spun poly.

Colors in the string: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, invisible.

6% of all profits go to The Trevor Project.

Only available in June.


I ordered mine. I hope these are OK for wooden axles!

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Catalyst test strings are going out to a few select people soon. I used a different method for making these strings, and it may roll into the other lines if testing goes well! New recipe should hold torsion much better, and feel a bit softer.


Shiv-R and FRI aren’t that popular, and it may be time to send these squids to the Fish Market.

Wanna save them? Snag some packs today! Their fate will be decided at the end of July.


New Elixir up in the shop!

Yo-yo is entwined into your soul. Soul Purple is the embodiment of the human/yo-yo connection. Soft purple of the creative throwing spirit combined with the hardened steel of the human spirit.


You can hear it, can you not? The spinning of the bearing. The ‘ting’ of the yo-yo as it binds and returns to your hand. The auditory pleasure of throwing is something sometimes overlooked, but not with these Phosphor Bronze Elixirs. A blend of bronze and tan, soothing and reminiscent of acoustic strings. A visual pleasure to go along with the tactile and audio sensation of yo-yo play.


Throw-Yo is proud to announce a new string formula! V2 SOLUTIONS are still super tight, but are much easier to string up, and a bit softer on the finger. The new formula also stays neutral much longer than the previous one.

All strings shipped from here on out will be made this way as I continue to try and improve the product.

As for Catalysts…there’s still a ways to go with them, unfortunately. I’m hoping to have something soon, but I want to make sure they’re “just right.”


Along with the announcement of V2 SOLUTIONS there are a few new colors coming to the shop soon, while other colors will be retired.

New Inks:

Dawn (orange/bronze), part of the new Cycle Series

Midnight (black/steel), part of the new Cycle Series

New Ether:

Caladium (purple/green)

Retiring at the end of July

  • FRI
  • Shiv-R
  • Striga Sanguine

The Cycle Series of inks has been released!

You can get them in three different thicknesses, and for left or right-handed play!