“Throw Live” Atlanta Yoyo Club

Well, the only top thrower and yo-yoer I saw there was Bruce P. I hadn’t seen him in years, and it was good to see him again.

I will keep trying, but I think I’ll need help finding and getting people to come out. So far, the time and effort I have available to put in, isn’t sufficient.

Hopefully since I’m providing the venue, someone else can step up to the plate and help me with getting the word out?

With a population of 6 million, there must be some throwers in this city!?

I’m going to keep giving this a shot!

What works for you? Pick as many as you like.

  • Feb 10 early afternoon
  • Feb 10 late afternoon
  • Feb 17 early afternoon
  • Feb 17 late afternoon
  • Feb 24 early afternoon
  • Feb 24 late afternoon

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I still have YYF tops to give away, and I’ll give away some of these as well!

@TheThrowingGnome @jaf0018


Yeah, I got a vote! I honestly will be glad to meet with just one other thrower, so I’m getting excited!

I voted! PM me and let’s meet up. Also… it’s a long shot, but just recently noticed that Mark Montgomery and Drew Tetz are in the Atl. may be able to contact through their Instagram. How cool would that be!

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Yeah, I noticed that Mark is, didn’t know that Drew is!

I messaged Mark about the juggling festival. I’ll let him know about this as well. I’ll message Drew too.

Keep you posted…


I have closed the poll.

The meet will be at 12:30pm, on Sunday, February 10th!

I posted to a few FB groups, and contacted Mark Montgomery, Drew Tetz, and YoYoBrothers. @TheThrowingGnome, do you think you could post to the reddit group for me?

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OK, Matthew with YoYoBrothers might be coming out! He thought I should push the time back a little, so the updated time is 1-4pm. I’ll be there early, though…


Reminder about the meet tomorrow, and I’m super excited!

Rehearse Live, LLC

BTW, Yoyobrothers advertised it as 1-5, so we’ll do that.


See you there. Bringing a friend!

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Shout out to @Myk_Myk for hosting the atl meet up today. Had a lot of fun learning new tricks and meeting new people. Can’t wait for next time!


I had a blast! Thanks for making the trek down to Atlanta.

I forgot to give you and Jordan a Rehearse Live Legend Wing. Next time…

I can’t wait to try out some more of your awesome yoyo collection! I really want a Dietz now…


Let’s do it again!

Sunday March 10 from 2-5. I think three hours is good?

Rehearse Live, LLC

@TheThrowingGnome Could you please post on reddit for me?


Will do!


We’re still on for tomorrow!

BTW, please click “watching” over on the right, if you don’t want to miss updates to this thread, thanks!

Jordan and I will be there! Looks like it’s gonna be another good turnout. Thanks again for hosting. It really is the perfect space!

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I think so. Might even have a top thrower coming!

Another great ATL yoyo meetup. 5 throwers and 2 spin top peeps! Learned a couple new double GT’s. Thanks to @Myk_Myk :point_down:for hosting!

We’ll grab a group photo next time!


Thanks, to everyone who came out! We’ll get better at getting pics, but here are a couple:

You could actually say that we had 4 top throwers, as Rachel throws, and we got Johnathan throwing as well! I gave Johnathan one of the Electrick tops that @YOHANS sent me. I still have three more tops to give out, so if you’re interested in tops, come out and get one!

I hope the top throwers come back, because as you can see, I put them to work!

I had so much to do to get ready for our floors to be refinished, that I didn’t get to throw as much. However, @TheThrowingGnome what am I chopped liver? I taught you a friction mount, and finger curl! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wait! I forgot about the finger curl! I did not forget the Seasick you taught me. Landed it this morning! Thank you good sir!


Oh yeah, forgot about Seasick… You’re really soaking it up!

Next time, I’ll get you or @Ant.G to teach me the Dbl GTs. I remember now you showed me that cool wrist mount variation. I’ll have to mess with that.