Throw Holder

My wife has been knitting and crocheting for a couple years now. She has been making hats (pretty sweet ones) and selling them (please don’t ask for hats). She has made my son and I a couple of these.

These can come in most color combination and she is not afraid to explore or experiment. The current model is a two colored base and top with a hand made button and a J-hook. My contribution is the hand made buttons. These were inspired by the original “Momma J” holder I have used for years. Mine is a little big in the event I carry a hulking juggernaut of a throw. My older version was produced by a dear friends mother and has saved a lot of yoyos from flat spots and scratches. It is not capable of making your favorite chunk of aluminum invincible but much less fragile.


Please let me know either by posting or PM what this might be worth at a retail level and we will see where this goes Continental U.S. shipping to be within $3-$5.

Many options can be tried as to mounting device and/or button materials.


thats pretty cool i should make something like that!! (and yes i do knit shocking!) ;D