Three modded FHZs

Prices are shipped in the USA.

Remember… all FHZs have some degree of vibe. If you’re looking for an ultra smooth player this probably isn’t the post for you. :slight_smile:

The green with yellow caps is dyed in a John Deere theme by a fellow in Italy. Really stellar job. $55.00

The blue is a “Cutted” Zero done by Perry Prine aka The Modfather from YYN days. It’s reshaped with weight rings added. I think the “cutted” name is an homage to the Hspin Cut yoyo. $45.00

The yellow with red caps is a cool kind of swirl dye on the body. Modded to a large C bearing. I’m pretty certain cyclontzy did this one. $55.00


Is there an spr in the larger bearing?

I think Jeff did a run similar to those as well


Yes, there is. You may be right, I don’t recall who modded it for certain.

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@jeffreypang911 I remember you did orange dyed and spr recess zeros. Is this one of yours?

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Still here. Make me an offer.

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