Thread Sticky Request

(SR) #1

On the General YoYo board, you can see that the threads, ‘you know when you’re obsessed with yoyoing when’ and ‘waiting for my new throw, so excited’ are stickied. I think the thread, ‘What are you throwing today’ should be stickied also. Who agrees?


I do. :slight_smile:


Me, but I also think the “How high can we go” thread should be too.


Usually, threads are stickied because they provide information that needs to be known by all members. The threads requested don’t really match that. I see no reason to sticky those threads as they would only clutter up the sections that they are in.


Also it doesn’t matter because it gets bumped multiple times a day problem solved


Wouldn’t the point be lost then, though?


I do. I think they should make a request button that you can just push, and notify the mods if you think it deserves a sticky, and then the mods would take all of it from there.

(LookAYoYo) #8

truthfully i believe that none of those deserve to be stickied. none of them provide valuable information and all are just for fun posts


Couldn’t agree more.

Also, having a button to request stickies might be nice in a few cases, but overall they would probably just annoying the heck out of the mods and admins. If you truly think a thread should be stickied (keep in mind that we’ve had over 20,000 posts and…maybe 15 stickied topics?) then you could PM one of them.


Why are you guy’s so worried about stickies?


Yeah. I’m starting to feel that a lot of people are trying to make posts just to get them stickied. There has been two posts that I though should have been stickied that weren’t, and it really doesn’t bother me.