Thoughts on YYF Turntable?

I’ve been looking at the YYF Turntable and it looks so good. I love the steps and the weight distribution. It looks really fresh and like it would have a unique feel on the string. I think YYF really wanted to do something different with this one.

Have any of you used one? Please let me know your thoughts on it.

I don’t have one, but I recently saw this floating around the Internet:

For those that have both, are they really this similar? I think the image could be a bit deceiving.

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There would likely be a ton of yoyos you could do this kind of comparison with and they would look very similar.

The thing about yoyos… They’re all kinda round and stuff.

I didn’t make the image, and I question its validity. I have a feeling the catch zones are a lot different than this comparison photo lets on.

Trust me, I understand that “they’re all kinda round and stuff”. I’m the last one you need to throw that line at. :smiley: lol

I don’t think you even need to see the catch zone. If you look with any care at all you will see there is plenty of difference between the two pictures.

I just think that’s the part they’re trying to hide most. Yes you can find differences, but I feel the most deceptive part of the image is the lack of catch zone shots.

“If you look with any care at all”

Can’t you see I don’t disagree with you? Lol. Is this what it’s like to share an opinion?

We both think the yoyos are very different.

There are so many designs today that borrow inspirations and/or design features from other models… Duncan Torque and YYM Checkmate… X3 La Goutte and YYF Hot/TooHot. YYO Hatcet and CLYW Avalanche. Many similarites, yet so different play. Why bother to get hung up on this spesific yoyo?

And to be honest, i dont think the Turntable and the Helium is very similar. Yes, they both have two steps in the cup, but their arrangement and size is very different. My Sine//Saw also has two steps in the profile, but i wouldn’t really call it a similar yoyo at all…

It’s a shame that a thread like this is derailed by something like that picture.

Derailed? I’m only asking a question. I don’t even think the picture holds much weight.

I’m not accusing anyone of stealing a design. If you read my post, they clearly point to how misleading the photo is.

What did I do wrong? I’m really confused.

I didn’t make the photo. I don’t support the underlying claim. Heck I question the angles altogether.

What is it that I’m missing here? Did I ever once say, “Hey the YYF Turntable is a bootleg Helium!”


I said, “are they really that similar?”

“I think the photo is deceiving.”

“The catch zones are very different”

How am I undermining the thread? Is being a bit inquisitive that much of a problem around here?

That pic is from yoyonews. Eu lol its run by fraud and bad person owner of yoyotrap

This pic was dicused on fb bst group and yyf member posted better pics of turntable.

I dont think you should’ve posted that pic here.

So if you miss out on a past discussion which you had no knowledge of, you can’t bring it up? You know what, have fun. I’m done. If anyone would please take the time out of their day to read what I actually type, that would be appreciated.

Enjoy the rest of the thread guys!

You didn’t derail the thread, and you did nothing wrong… some people have trouble reading posts fully, when they see images they jump to their own conclusions.

Amplified just said he has seen the image around, asked if anyone actually has the yo-yos, and said he thinks the image may be deceiving. Seems like a pretty on topic, non offensive post to me.


Yeah, sorry about that. My bad. The point is, anyway, as i see so much on this forum, that people quickly derail a thread. In this case the post from Amplified, which im sure wasn’t intentional, resulted in 5 posts with nothing to bring to the original question OP posted. I can’t still find any real good answers in this thread to what OP asked about. Which is unfortunate. I’m sure this wasn’t the intentions of Amplified, but the results of it is what it is.

And i’m really curious too to hear how this thing plays. Looks really interesting.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!.. Sorry, I didn’t intent to come across like that! I just mean that with a careful look anyone will find plenty of difference. :slight_smile: Sorry, I must have worded it poorly.

If you do not have the OPs answer, you shouldn’t post. Is that what I’m supposed to take from that?

What if you too have questions like the OP? Can you not ask them? I’m not sure why this is a problem.

Do you, Eastfield, only post pertinent answers to questions on the forum? I’m searching this thread and have yet to find them. Otherwise aren’t you exacerbating the problem you see so often on the forums? Adding yet another post that doesn’t answer the original posters question. You accused someone else of derailing the conversation, yet isn’t that what you’ve done by your own definition?

How much closer did your post get the OP to his answer?

No closer than mine.

Yet I’m the problem?

Taste your fried chicken before offering the recipe to others. You may be missing an ingredient or two.


Okay. So who has played a turntable and what are your thoughts on it?

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I am looking forward to the Turntable. I like the cup, and hope to actually get a raw one with that design. It looks great when the light hits it. I’m thinking photos already!

Turntable was offered at a discount to those who bought into the Dream Indiegogo campaign. I’m going to see if I can still jump on that. I was going to do it before Worlds, but I knew they were traveling.

I tried it. It’s super solid. It feels weird, but weirdly good.

It looks super cheap lol but plays great.

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Great compared to other YYF metals, or great compared to higher end metals? I know it’s all opinion, but I know that YYF budget metals play different than higher end other throws. I used to think they were all the same but when I got to try more yoyos I could notice the difference. Not that I’m saying anything is worse, but just it;s there

I’d say it’s about on par with the Shutter. It definitely doesn’t touch the Genesis or Space Cowboy, but it’s around the same league as the Shutter, Shu-Ta, and even the Aviator (1, I haven’t tried the sequel).

That’s pretty decent, but depends on how much it costs. I’m predicting a around $100 value.