This Needs to Stop (Kendama)

I’m landing too many things. This is truly a horrifying spectacle.

I suggest bigmode. The embedded view borks the aspect ratio.

Solid. :wink:

  1. Sick.
  2. Dorm Room?
  3. Dorm room all to yourself? (If yes, even sicker (sharing one sucks))

Sharing it with my friend/brother’s old roommate. My roommate from first semester was pretty ehh, and my brother was graduating, so it was either we both get paired with people we don’t know, or room together because we’re already friends. Winwin.

It’s pretty rad because he plays 4a and we get to jam to music and toys on a regular basis.

It’s always good when it works out like that. I’ve got a pretty small dorm and it is so difficult to figure out how to set it up so that I have enough space to do things like yoyo and such. But your setup looks great for that judging by the way the video is set.

Yeah, his side is a mirror flip of mine, except with a window instead of the door. Having the beds raised off the floor, and using the top of the armoire as a surface next to the bed is optimal. That leaves a whole wall free for whatever, and opens up the floor.

Nice tricks!

Now I’m encouraged to pick up my Kendama again and continually miss tricks until I cry myself to sleep. :slight_smile:

The room in a nutshell:

that was an amazin’ edit, pat’! i see you got ‘bird’ :slight_smile:

is that a new kendama’? your tk was black, wasn’t it?



Yeah, this is a KendamaUSA Pro Model. The TK-16 still makes its rounds as a demo one for people to try.

Bird is still the bane of my existence. I can only get it once in a while.


Definitely getting a Kendama now haha