This isn't really about mods, this is actually about a repairing problem

I am a newbie so I accidentally stuck my G5’s axle on my Genesis and I cannot get it out now. Also for some reason my Genesis axle won’t come out of the other half of the Genesis so can some one tell me what to do? Thanx ???

the nut trick. get 2 nuts that fit the axle. screw all the way down using your fingers. plyers on bottom bolt, and unscrew. im sure jhb will be here to correct my errors (if there are any)

???.. Nut trick?I am kinda confused so can you describe it a little bit more? That’d be cool 8) thanx

Mostly right…

See this for a more in depth description: Double Nut method to Remove an Axle,28936.0.html

Go here: List of useful modification and maintenance guides,17792.0.html
for a list of other useful hints.

Loool srry nvm I saw on that big thread/post thingy
Thanx a bunch! (also can someone tell me where to find the right nut to to the dubble nut removal? I have a genesis axle and G5 axle thanx)
(ps:the G5 axle is stuck on the 1st half of genesis and my genesis’s axle is stuck on the other half and both can’t be removed. I’ll try to post an image of them)

Go to a hardware store and match it up.

At Home Depot and Lowes, they have these tester devices so you can match up nuts and bolts to bolts or nuts. You can often buy them in small packages.

Try here: Common Yoyo Axle Sizes,19914.0.html

But take it with you to the store to be sure.

It’s also listed in the sticky: List of useful modification and maintenance guides

FYI I haven’t seen any set screws (axles) at home depot or lowes. I will say that Ace Hardware does have them. I’ve bought at least 50 axles from them so…

Okay, here’s the best thing you can do. Ther is a hole in the shape of a hexagon on the end of the axle on both axle. Get a allen wrench that size and unscrew it.

Yep HD and Lowes are building supply stores, not hardware stores.

That only works if you’re one of the very few people lucky enough to not have that end stuck in the shell. Of course when I’ve been in that small minority, it’s been in tight enough not to be of any help at all, thus, the double nut method is the logical choice.

Then another choice is to chuck it on a drill.