This is awesome.

This kid is gonna be one of the best very soon I think.
Amazing skills!

I love chopstick flops, looks so cool. That kid is amazing 8)

yeah i watched it to u faved it on u tube he is awesome next micky :wink: ;D

WOW ho old is he?!
and 3oh3 really?

its a standard pres song he is not the only one who used it and also its a remix :wink:

He’s asian and soon to be great. Big suprise there… :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome link Josh.

ahaha its the an asian tornament and they use american songs (pretty sure it was). how old is that guy?!


i know him
it’s ahmad kharisma.
he’s indonesian, 4th grade if in not mistaken, and he beat me at BRB 2010 (he placed 3rd).
i forget the age sorry.

he is great ait he?
and he start yoyoing abot a year and a half ago.

using his meteor i see.

Nice tricks…

Love to see kids so into it!

he is so good!

yah he found hes style

andrew your vids are really good
just you will be soooo good once you find your style

A player who can get into the music makes things that much more entertaining in my opinion. I can’t wait to see this kid get even better.

He even knows how to get people cheering. Lots of confidence. ;D

awesome. Great Kid.

wow, he is sooo young.

The end of the song was Robot Rock! Nice!