I’ve always wondered this…Everyday on this forum I see people from like Turkey and Egypt (just to name a few), and all the posts are in English. Do you guys just know some english? or do u use like an online translator sort of thing?

well, I know some english quite well, but if there is some word that I don’t understand or I don’t know what the english is, I use google translator

i am in an American Division in My school so i study and know so as speak English pretty well :wink:

English is my home language (we have 11 official languages here).

Really you can’t do much without english nowadays, you native english speakers don’t realize the luck you actually have.

I know where I’m from, France, it’s hard to meet anyone who speaks anything other than french (most of the time not even properly)

But nowadays, if you don’t at least understand written english, you barely have access to anything, any information or culture, without english, it’s basically like if you were living in the woods far from anything.

Fortunately, I always was more or less into computers since I was 7, and even tho today everything is localised, back in the days, everything was in english so I learned using computers, programming etc…

now I just use more english than french on a daily basis. my english is far from perfect, I know that, but I’m just to the point where I actually “think” in english most of the time.

When I talk, I still have that accent tho, but I can talk and understand english pretty well.

I had this talk at the last EYYM with Seth Peterson, and we came to the conclusion that US and UK guys are basically “cheating” LOL