Thinning out my collection. Lots of OneDrops


Hey guys, I have decided it’s time to sell some of my throw’s that just aren’t getting any play time these days. I haven’t had a lot of time to play and I simply can’t play them all. Everything here has been stored in individual foam padded segments in my case and well cared for. All are like new and blemish free except where I note and show a picture for a scratch. Anyways, take a look. You can PM me or go ahead and email me directly with any interest/questions/offers: No cash or checks please, just paypal :slight_smile:

P.S. only a couple have spin photos since I don’t have my camera with me to take new pics. Rest just got cell phone snaps.

$85 Burnside:

(The 54 is gone)

$40 Cafe Racer small scuffs shown in picture two:

$80 Code 2 small scuffs shown in picture two:

$110 Sakura:

$115 Nickel Code 2:

$150 GZR Code 1

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