Red OD Code1 for sale

For sale is my red One Drop Code1. I have to pay some bills, so it has to go. I have had it since summer '12. I believe I actually bought it from someone on here.
Pictures shown are the damages to the throw. Still spins true, and is truly magnificent.
I am asking $43 shipped.
PayPal only. Shipping within the states only.
If you have any questions or concerns, send me a message. Thanks!


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Make me an offer. I do need this sold within a week. I’m not sure how active this forum is these days, but my pictures have received around 50 views each, so there is some interest. Let’s talk.
Also, I would appreciate it if you did not download my images without asking. Thanks.


Hooray bills.

Cut in price. I need to sell this.

Happy Thursday, Friday’s awkward younger brother

Happy Friday. I lowered the price to $43 shipped. That is the lowest I can possibly go. I’m only making around 35 bucks with that price.


One more day of regular classes on Friday. This semester went by quickly.

Still looking for someone to take this off my hands.

Still available. I’ll throw in a ton of 1drop, yoyonation, and duncan stickers. I probably have some string laying around too.