Thinning of the herd LF: Spyy

I have decided to get rid of a few throws and give up 2a.

First we have the 888x. It has scratches around the rims but nothing that you can feel or affects play. It also has some anno fading on the wall it actually looks cool.Fresh sili. $55 Shipped

Next we have a dark magic in good condition there are scratches on the rims but nothing that couldnt be taken off easily. You can’t even feel them. great throw. $30 Shipped on hold

Lastly we have a pair of red loop 900s mint with about 95 50/50 white yye strings they work great im just not partial to 2a. Traded to Fatstrings

Spyy pro

Make an offer the worst that will happen is ill say no. :wink:

Can the loop 900’s be sold separately?

no package deal sorry

how much for a package deal?

keep it to pms please