FS/FT: Berserker, Gnarwhal, SPYY, Eternal Throw

Hi there,

So I have some yo-yos for trade. It would be nice if you could take them off my hands :slight_smile:

WANTS Prefer mint throws. Nothing beat please.
-CLYW Cliff!
-VsNYYC Septopus
-VsNYYC Skywalker
-CLYW Avalanche
-YYR Sleipnir
-YYR Stargazer
-General-yo Majesty
-OFFERS :slight_smile:

First I have a NMIB C3 Berserker. Incredible throw. Amazing player. It has a few hairline scratches on the rims, to which I have no idea how they got there. None of which are deep and don’t affect play. Very close to mint. It’s pretty much the smoothest thing I own. Did I mention it’s awesome? yeah. $155 shipped.


Next is a MIB CLYW Gnarwhal. Great throw. I love this thing, great throw. One of my go-to’s. Tiny bit of CLYW vibe, but it’s nothing serious :slight_smile: Clear w/ green/lime green speckle. Awesome. Looking for $90 shipped.

Next I have a star grade SPYY Dynamo. Very smooth throw. B-grade for ano flaws. Very impressive. Very fun. It has a decently sized dent from when my string snapped and it came up and hit my bedframe :frowning: but it doesn’t break the ano, or affects play. Still very nice. $50 shipped.


Finally I have an Eternal Throw victory. Not too sure about letting this one go. Completely mint. Have the tin as well. Midas touch colorway. Extremely smooth. It’s like a chief. With more rim weight and side effects. As well as an IRG. They don’t play anything alike… :slight_smile: $105 shipped

I also have some Wii games i’d be willing to sell also. Message me if you’re interested and I’ll let you know some of the titles and hopefully we can work something out!

That’s all for now!
Thanks for looking:)


Gonna go ahead and bump this since it’s been forever. Selling only now. Sorry! Help a guy out and buy em’ please. It would be much appreciated.

Bump:) Buy these!

bump! Help a guy out an buy these please :slight_smile:

BUMP. Trying to get protos here guys. Buy em :wink:

Christmas bump!