Thick lube to thin

Hi yall, sum may call me stupid, but I accidentally bot thick lube instead of thin. Does anyone know how to convert thick lube to thin lube?


Maybe you can bought some thin lube. :upside_down_face:


uh huh i never once thought about that

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You know… I am seriously glad you brought that up. Because I, also am looking for a Genius to solve my problem.

I just bought an apple tonight. Right before the store closed.

Now I am trying to figure out how to change it into an Orange.

OMG! Cancel that request…

My Black cat just ran under the bed and came out with a Magic wand in her mouth!

…It’s a Christmas Miracle.

PS… all joking aside. I do actually have a Degree in Chemistry from M.Y.O.W.N. Institute.

I did some serious Viscosity panel calculations. I took into account the: position of the Earth in relation to the Rings around Uranus, and the longitude and latitude of the highest volume drive through McDonalds in North America and average volume of bituminous clouds moving in an Easterly direction over Antarctica.

And the answer is to add 6 bottles of lite lube to the one bottle of thick lube…

And then you will have lube that is much thinner…

Thank me later


Ur a genius thx sooooooooooooooo much ur sooooooooooo helpful lmao

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You can’t, really.

You could cut it with Mineral Spirits. Just would need another bottle.