The Yeti - Aaron Davis

Quick combo incorporating some stuff I’ve been working on since Nationals. Enjoy!  ;D

Just uploaded the Slo-mo version of the combo:

Rockin’ dat mackinaw. :wink:

Really nice tricks, Aaron. Some tech while still having buckets of flow.

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Pretty chill stuff man! Nice

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Thanks guys! Really stoked on the direction my tricks have been taking lately. All the feedback is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Great video dude. Really nice tech combo.

Man I need a yeti…

Yes, yes you do. They are, well… EPIC

BUMP just added the slo-mo edit for those interested :slight_smile:

Nice trick man! I like when you put the slack over your wrist. Pretty sweet tech combo.

Probably gonna attempt learning this with the slo-mo.
This trick is way to sexy.

I had a one throw with the yeti all done and then I saw this… It’s sooo good :slight_smile:

Learned this combo! :slight_smile:

Good stuff man!

This combo. Nailing it 1 one throw, as fluidly as you.
Now I have a new respect for you.
To anyone who see this. However hard you think this trick is. It’s way harder.

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Haha I’m glad you learned it! It’s definitely a tough combo, my hardest to-date. Nailing it on a Yeti was tough, but I have practiced this enough for competition that it’s starting to look pretty fluid… Props for learning this! I’m stoked :smiley:

I modified it to suit me now. I actually find it easy to hit on a yeti now!
I’m terrible at TH chopsticks. So, Learning this broadened my horizons!
Thankyou :3