The Upcoming release for ‘The Parthenon’!

Sort of?

Besides making another ‘batch’ did you get anywhere trying to figure out what happened to the ‘stolen batch of yo-yos’?

Did you ever contact Andre and ‘Tap’ him for the extensive information he acquired from his stolen yo-yo nightmare?

I mean, Congrats on the fundraiser and the ‘new’ batch, but>

But if somebody asked me, ‘Did you ever make any progress in locating your stolen car’? >>>

And my answer was, ‘Well, sort of…I bought a new one.

……That doesn’t answer the question, lol

PS… I’m still puzzled as to why you would have an entire batch of yo-yos delivered : 1. Without you being present… 2. Without a signature… 3. Without having them held for you at a Mail Locker or held by Carrier that would notify you to arrange pickup, etc?

Personally, when I’m expecting something in the mail, I am tracking that sucker like the Pentagon.

I ‘Arrange’ to be available when delivery is eminent.

No loose ends left.

Just me I guess.

Anyway good news on your second batch effort…


So basically, there was no insurance on the package. It was shipped via dhl and I had taken the day off it was going to be here. At my house. Sitting on my porch. All morning till it got here. The day came and went and I had checked the update online and called dhl customer service. Apparently dhl doesn’t deliver up to my town so they handed it off to a third party for delivery. They then gave me a new tracking number with the new delivery company. Annoying but cool. Says it’ll be here 2 days later now. The day before it was supposed to arrive, I had to work till about 1am at work. I woke up around 10am and it said the package was delivered at ~8am. I ran downstairs to check and it wasn’t there. Checked with all my neighbors and they didn’t have it. Confirmed the exact address the package was delivered to, and time, with the delivery company. Filed a felony police report due to the value of the content. Spent hours on the phone with both dhl and the other company. Still no package. Please don’t assume I didn’t do everything I could to get it back.


Also, the other delivery company left the package obviously without signature confirmation.


Also, because there was a signature required for it, I assumed, had I missed it, that they would leave a door tag of some sort to notify me of attempted delivery. Silly me. Apparently this other delivery company doesn’t currently require signatures due to continuing issues with Covid. So my bad @yoyodoc.


Man… this is all such a bummer and so frustrating. I’m sorry that you went through that.
The original colours that you had ordered looked niiiice. Are you doing the same colours or new ones (in order to differentiate them from the stolen batch). Man… it gives me anxiety just thinking about where those yo-yos ended up… :grimacing::thinking:


Ugh. My best guess is a ditch somewhere when whoever realized they weren’t something ‘sellable’. We changed two of the colorways and slightly changed the blast on all of them to differentiate. Yeah, it really sucks. It feels somewhat better now.


If colorways are on par with what was stolen and The PWRhouse’s Splash count me in!

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Interesting thing for you to say… I didn’t assume anything. I just stated that you didn’t provide any sort of actual answer to the question regarding the disposition of the ‘stolen,missing,lost, batch.

Not that you even owe anybody any explanation.

You simply replied to the question by talking about the second batch.

I’m only speaking for myself. But since you originally announced your Nightmare, I have no doubt that at least a small number of viewers on this forum are/were/have been interested in details about any resolution regarding the Stolen batch.

The number of people that follow this forum far exceeds the number of people that ‘ever’ post.

You should not ‘assume’ I had any doubts you made whatever degree of effort to get your cargo back.

Look at the Great story/response you provided after my prompting. With amazing details, showing you left no stone unturned in your search for answers.

If you would have just given that info when the other poster asked ‘whatever happened to the first batch’, I would not have said a thing.

I apologize that you may have misunderstood my intentions.

I never assume anything.


The Throwing Sideways Parthenon is coming soon! This IG post (Login • Instagram) has more details but here’s a quick overview of The Parthenon:

7068 Aluminum w/ SS Rings
Diameter: 55mm
Width: 45mm
Weight: 62.5g

Fast. Fun. Floaty. Stable. Bimetal. Organic.


One of the most beautiful unknowns I have seen.

As far as the actual yoyo, fantastic work, always happy to see more organics and bimetal organics are the minority so kudos for going that direction.

Sounds like you went through the ringer to get here, and I pray that makes this feel even sweeter.


Thanks. It was definitely a rough couple of weeks afterward, but all is well now! Finally having the production feels great👌


Yeah this really tics all my boxes. Can’t wait.


I happily donated for the preorder and I’ve got two of these now. It’s super great and one of the best organics I’ve played.


I just got my Parthenon today. I love this thing. Super light and zippy and feels great. Really happy with the purchase, and excited about what’s next.


That’s so awesome to hear! Glad you’re enjoying it! We’ve got a few things on deck, just working through the testing phase!

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Looking forward to it. Keep it up!

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