The Underdog (1 Year Video)

It’s been a year already! Wind was horrible at the beach and I didn’t have time to reshoot Plan D on the railroad tracks.

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Awesome video man. Great atmosphere, and smooth tricks. I liked it


Very very nice vid my friend

Ooooh… very cool. Keep up the cool work!

Thanks guys

Really nice video. You picked good places to shoot. The only problem is that I can barely see the string sometmes. Otherwise that was a really awesome video, keep up the great work!!!

I actually thought you were going to be using an underdog in the vid. Guess not.
Nice vid though. A bit of advice though. Never shoot video with the light behind you.

I know not to shoot with light behind me cause you get a shadow instead of your self plus you can’t see the string. I just really wanted to shoot there and it was the last day to do it so it didn’t work out very well.
Also my camera isn’t the best so a lot of times it won’t pick up my strings.