The top of my pizza box

I brought home a pizza this afternoon and here is what was printed on the top of the box;

Graham Greene from Sedgwick is known as the town’s Yo-Yo King. He’s got all kinds of tricks. the Triple Okidoke, the Luxembourg… He even has a trick named after his dog, Amanda. As you can expect, flinging around a big plastic thingamabob on a string all day can make you pretty hungry. And when that happens, this yo-yo pro goes for his favorite homemade pizza. For him, it’s the only thing that does the trick.

…don’t know about you folks, but I’m just dying to see the “Triple Okidoke”. One has to wonder just how much of a “pro” Graham actually is if his throw is “a big plastic thingamabob on a string”.


Haha, nice. Anyone know this Graham? Be cool to know a guy on a pizza box…

Wait a minute…I thought this name sounded familiar.

Graham Green is a Canadian actor who appeared in “Dances With Wolves” with Kevin Costner and with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in “Maverick”. If they were going to make up a story you would think they could at least be more original with the name.

Lol this guy narrated “The war that made america”, which were some films we watched in world history

I wonder if he has any idea Casey’s General Stores is making claims he is a “yo-yo pro”? After all, how many Graham Greens could there actually be?

He probably gets .02/box, so he’s not complaining.