The Sweets Kendama Biggie!!??


So you know the Sweets Kendama Biggie? Well, I was wondering how it plays? I realize that it is a larger Kendama, but still, I would like to know! :slight_smile: Any info would be great! Thanks so much!!
-Jordan Yo-Yo’Brien


No don’t get it Jordan!!!


Lol, you just want me to buy from you! haha, and don’t worry, I am buying from you for sure man! :slight_smile:


Mine s n the mail, should have t tomorrow… I’ll post something


I just picked up a Sweets biggie. I’m still learning and have a ton to learn but I’m liking this gargantuan kendama! It’s definitely heavier and slower but at the same time I feel like what I’m doing is in slow motion. Not quite moon physics but slow and graceful enough for me to land on the cups and spike it from the cups.

When I go back to my standard-sized kendama, it feels miniaturized and of course I noticed that I was actually moving much quicker from cup to cup.