The Shield by Jazz-Yo -

I am a sucker for a slick looking yo-yo. When the first pictures of the Shield made their way to the yoyo boards, I (and quite a few others) suddenly found myself with tunnel vision, and the only thing at the end of the tunnel was a ceramic coated beauty. Then the first few models made the way into peoples hands. Crackout slaughtered it. Kat dismembered it. Jocksor praised it. There were others, but these were the main three reviews that stood out in my mind. How could the range on this yo-yo be so vast? To get the answer, I put out requests for a Shield to use in a review session, and to my surprise, Jocksor sent me his. So here it is, the YoYoSkills review of the Shield. This Shield has already been praised in a review, and does not suffer from the axle gap problem that plagued quite a few models.
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Seems pretty bad. Your reviews are always wounderful, and I like how you made it possible to say it wasn’t too good in a nice way.

I know you just posted this, but I read it over at YoYoSkills rigt after it was up there.

I was gonna say, WOW, your a fast read. That thing is like, 4 pages of angry jokes about vibe

Haha, I liked the review, but when you like the yoyo the review seems…happier. But the “angry jokes” were fun to read.

Well, think about it this way. I force myself (for the readers sake) to play with mostly (90%) the yo-yo I am reviewing that week. This week has been all ick and patui. After 7 days of playing with the Shield, you too would have a sour disposition (lol)

I could feel that pain! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the Shields just come with full ceramic bearings.
Not concave shape and full ceramic.

Thanks for enduring the pain Chris! :slight_smile:

You took one for the team!

Well, this one has a Full Ceramic kk, as you can see in the pictures.

Sounds like a bad yo-yo. o_o

I have read bad things about this yoyo.

More like he shielded us! :smiley: