The return of Heath Vizier: no throw in sight - UPDATED All sorted out!

On Feb. 22nd I made a payment for a G3T from Heath, who posted a BST thread as a finishing up thread, to make a last few sales and then move on to pastures new. I purchased a G3T from Heath, but I have not yet received the yoyo, or any proof that it has been sent. I had hoped that I was doing Heath a favor by purchasing this throw, perhaps so he could use the money to help himself out of any financial difficulties. This is not to say I didn’t want the yoyo because of course I did, I love almost all the VsNYYC throws, but I did feel like I was doing a decent thing, despite it being a purchase of goods. At the time Heath was very chatty by PM, and I was keen to talk, but since then I have had scant contact with him. The yoyo has not been forthcoming. I know that other people (or at least Jason Wong) who purchased from him at that time have received their yoyos, but no luck for me. I hope that this simply leads to him sending me the yoyo. I would much prefer that to any other kind of resolution. I also do not want this to descend into a Heath bashing thread. Please keep comments civil. I post this simply to alert everyone that dealing with Heath may still be difficult. If anyone can get in contact with him (I do not have a direct email address) please could you give him a e-prod to try and resolve this situation.

Dang Heath! Please tell me you’re sending this mans yo out today!

Fyi, I messaged heath separately on Facebook a couple days ago and will keep you posted.

Thanks very much. I really appreciate it.

I just sent Heath a text message. I’ll let you know it I hear anything.

In similar news, a man who had been convicted of armed robbery was released from jail today. The police station returned his gun and sent him on his way.

The man shocked police when he robbed a nearby liquor store later that night.


@ slowyojoe - Just spoke to Heath. He gave me permission to give you his phone #. I’ll PM it to you.

Thanks very much Vegabomb. Had I known that you in particular could contact him directly I would have maybe come to you first. That being said I thank you for your intervention now: Heath has sent me a note on this site, to which I have responded, so now lets see how things work out. I’ll update as and when.

OK, so as of this morning I am now the owner of a G3T and a VsNYYC T-shirt. After the debacle described in this thread, Vegabomb made Heath aware of the situation, and so Heath contacted me via this site. He apologized profusely for me not having received the yoyo, which he said had been sent much earlier. He quite understandably said that he doesn’t frequent this site much anymore, and hadn’t picked up my PMs. He immediately shipped another G3T with insurance, and provided me with a tracking number. He also provided me with a phone number so I could contact him, should PMs through this site not be sufficient. As far as I am concerned this matter is now closed, and I am very happy with the outcome. Regardless of the difficulties, Heath has always been courteous, and a throw in perfect condition has now arrived. Mods please deal with this thread as you see fit - if possible at very least the title should be changed to reflect the outcome.

Glad this all worked out for you! :slight_smile: