The Official: YoYo Showcase! Show off your collection & see others!

Wanted to post this in this topic as well for documentation purposes, since it’s where I’ve posted/archived most of collection pics.

Addiction in Technicolor.

Collection as of January 2023, sitting at around 170.


Plenty of room left on that table my friend.

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Put up the shelf in my bedroom. Will the wife like it or will i be sleeping on the couch?! :sweat_smile:


This is 99% of my collection. I think I am missing an Aurora light up throw, Arrow, RePlay Pro missing caps, and a Yomega Wing Force in the magic forgotten drawer somewhere.

The Collection video 75 throws

Working Collection ( and skill objects )
( some are less than perfect )

Widow Collection
( they look good in the morning sun )

Plastics in a yo-yo bag ready to go to a meet up.
The FireBall, Sherpa and M1 are well loved.

Pick Axes, I am trying to set up a way to display.
The pick Axes are being passed down to my kids at some point.
Also a Sherpa, Komodo and another Rebirth and TK no-jive and other woods

EDC in the bag with me 90% of the time.
808, Bapeish Rebirth, Diorama and Plastuc Fulvia, knucklebone



Spingear case

HSpin Case

Unknown/misc case

Yoyojam case


And my Flickr :slight_smile: Paulo Antonio | Flickr


How difficult was it to find that SOS Pyro? I’ve been looking for one for years and have never seen one pop up for sale.

well, I would say it’s harder to get than an OG Peak. Since SOTS only 30 were made of it. I looked for years on bst, here on the forum, and luckily got it on one of the bst, through a hspin ex-member.

This is my entire collection since 2015


Chousoku Spinner though <3

I’m so jealous, NA never got an Eng release for it.

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they did release a ENG version through SG release (the one on the pic I own) but I have missing chapters 1,2 and 5.

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Yeah, never released in NA so it’s impossible to find here unfortunately. I just know roughly how it goes, reminds me of the Beyblade manga.

I still have my Hyper Dragon Fire from back then.


Man I’m jelly that you got a real deal hyper dragon, its hard to come by to find a late 90’s bandai made since a lot of fakes are widely available on SEA markets.

The only thing I got is the Smarty toys variation (one on the upper top left/hojoin yoyo) which is close enough to own a legit bandai superyoyo.

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Raw galactic goose, orca, chief, manatee, kodiak, dune, kayak, akita

Alpine, pariah, !28s time! Chief, wm1, bonfire, sasquatch, kayak, peak 2, akita

DualiTi, chief, expedition, jacknife

Wolf, wolf, marvel, warthog, aftershock, herdsman, triton, reaper, GBP

Direwolf, arbiter, arbiter (brass) AL7 BanSShee, banshee18, mini wide banshee, aftershock

Perpetual, Centrifugal, Kinetic, death adder v2 (brass), legendary terrarian, omniscient, exia, mini wide banshee

Conspiracy, prime8, aotus, chopsticks gorilla, cognition, recogniton, Coglite, fusion (brass), motive

Jamboo, beef, punchline, speedaholic xx, code1, wisteria (brass), exia

Cadence, L, motive, doorknob, unidentified, element


Here’s my little collection. Just getting started playing. Really enjoying it!


Started playing in august, really loving #mowl and #sengoku


Love the Mowls!!