The Noble Collection


Anybody heard of them? If so have you bought anything from them? O just got Voldemort’s wand and it is amazing.


Umm… What?


I must ask you to refrain from posting such useful and thought-provoking comments.

I’ve heard of them. I’ve always wanted a really nice One Ring replica.



Never heard of them but they sound like a band but I know of them now


Does this company supply Universal Studios with their Harry Potter merchandise?

(WildCat23) #7

I expect so.


Haha that’s what I thought.


Does this sound like a band???

(WildCat23) #10

Actually, Voldemort’s Wand could make a good band name…


We meant the brand name…


It’s hard to justify fifty bucks for that.


Yes, I realize that, but I thought maybe the mention of the wand would be a tip off as to the type of business it is… :wink:


Band - The Noble Collection

Album - Voldemort’s Wand

Seems legit.

But anyway, I have Sirius’s wand and I bought Snape’s for my sister on her birthday (Our favorite characters respectively).



What boxes do you like better the olivander’s or the new ones? I like the olivander’s because they are more authentic.


that sound like a good heavy metal band!