Herokumo BST vsnyyc, clyw, yyf, Luftverk, One Drop, 2 sick, some rares


Welcome to my BST. Feel free to offer for anything. Some things are easier to get from me than others so just ask. I like YYR, VsNYYC, One Drop, CLYW, 2 sick. I also like Titanium throws in general. If paying with PayPal shipping is $5.00. If you would like an invoice add 4% to the price. If we are trading I simulsend, I have plenty of feedback on eBay to back my trustworthiness if that is an issue just ask me about it.

Jason Lee 888.11
(Near Mint - complete with box and holder and original string) - $125

Current Collection
Terrarian Hallow (Mint with Box) - $80
Luftverk Octavia Blue (Mint with Box) - offer
Rook Dark/Light Blue Half & Half (Mint with box) - gone
Replay Pro Orange and Black Caps (Near Mint w/ box) - gone
Chief Zach Gormley 5/6th run - (Near Mint) - gone
Summit Dino Warrior (NQP - Massdrop) - offer
Luftverk Evora Raw (Mint with box) -gone
2sick Bishop Dragonball Special colorway 2/7 (Mint w/ box) - offer
Hubstacked Genesis 2012 Red w/ black specs (Couple Dings w/ box) - gone
VsNYYC Battosai Red/Black (scuffs) - offer
Singularity silver (B grade w/ box) -offer
Skywalker 2nd run blue and orange (flat spot) - offer

Will pay cash for these just give me a reasonable price-

Scout - Rainbow Trout Colorway (will trade/buy in your favor)
Draupinir - Gunmetal, Matte Black, maybe a blue if its matte but I dont know if that exists lol
Seven Summits - Everest
TiWalker - Any

If you want to trade just make me an offer following the guides above about company and metal preferences and we can probably work something out. I’m interested in premium bi-metals as well.

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