FT: ILYY, Duncan, One Drop (Rare M1), CLYW. LF: RPG Items. (PICS ADDED)

Hey Guys,

Long time no see. I have been away from the Community for a while now with school, marriage, and other responsibilities and have returned to maybe trade away a couple of my old throws to build on my other hobbies. I was on another site back in the day and had a pretty respectable trade count but I can’t seem to find the forum to be able to link it.

Here is what I have FT (Pics upon Request):

Relatively easy to let go of:
-Duncan Vendetta- Near mint.
-One Drop M1 Pink (pad version)- Near mint.
-Fox Precision Katz Meow- Mint

Gonna be hard to let go of:
-ILYY Josy-Ann- A few marks from 5A play, nothing that goes through the coating.
-One Drop M1 Affogato Lo Tiempo- Mint
-CLYW BVM SVsZB edition- 2 dings

I know they are older, but so am I. XD

Pics are attached and have my whole (small and old) collection. An all orange hspin pyro, hspin envy 64, YYF 09 888 Starry night edition, ILYY Josy-ann, Duncan Vendetta, One Drop Lo Tiempo M1, One Drop Pink/purple M1 (sorry i’m colorblind), Throw Down yoyo shuriken, CLYW wooly marmot, CLYW SVsZB BVM, Fox Precision Katz Meow.

LF: I am expanding on my hobby of RPGs so I am looking for the following:
-Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, or Games Workshop books, miniatures, products. (Especially Vintage)
-Heroscape miniatures and terrain (how many of you know what this is? lol)
-New 3ds
-Anything you can think of that I might find interesting related to RPGs, Minatures, etc.

Let me know if you have any interest. Thanks for looking!

Best Regards,

Pink M1? BvM? You fall out of a time machine? Let’s see pics of those gems, brother.