the new spyy pro yoyo

How many of u have seen the new spyy pro yoyo :slight_smile: :wink:
I mean look at it it looks like a small diablo lol :slight_smile: :wink:

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Totally, I was watching guy wright use it and when the camera shot over his shoulder, and if you paused it at the right time, it looked exactly like a minature diabolo

looks like it might be a fun throw tho

wow that really looks fun to throw :o

It kinda has the Phenom’s profile… Interesting.

I can do Eli Hops forever with this thing. :o

It’s a great throw. It’s too angular for me, but it plays incredibly well and I’m sure will fit some people’s hand great. I really like the yo-yo and it’s nothing like a mini diablo, it’s just a regular yo-yo. There’s nothing that weird about it, and it’s not overly unresponsive. It’s just a great all around throw.

Looks too wide and big, but its just preference.

IMO It looks like a extremely wide TrainWreck V1.

yea it does

Some have said that it resembles a TW, but I can assure you that when placed side by side the Pro looks like a baby eating, laser guided monster from outer space. V shaped catch zone? Yes. That’s about it :slight_smile: