The new DUNK REBOUND by Jake Bullock!

The Dunk Rebound is built from premium 7075 Aluminum for extra durability and features a size D bearing for added speed and tight binds! Jake’s Dunk series has been widely acclaimed across the yoyo community for both amazing play and great visual aesthetics in one fun package!

From Jake: I’ve been yoyoing for 16 years without any kind of signature yoyo. It was always a dream but the timing never worked out. I came back to sharing tricks last year after almost a decade hiatus and got such an amazing response from all of you that I decided now is the perfect time. I’m “retired” but still active in the community and I have enough experience under my belt to know what I want from a yoyo. This is without a doubt my dream yoyo.

I reached out to my friend CJ Atkinson who I grew up with in the yoyo world. I told him my ideas and he made it a reality. The yoyo is slightly undersized with big organic rims and a bumped inner profile where all the center weight lives. It’s incredibly stable without feeling like a rock. The flat outer rims are laser engraved, inspired by whitewall tires and the Superstars with white painted rims that John Ando and Yuuki Spencer threw back in the day.

Releasing Tuesday, 8/30 @ 8PM EDT.