the memes thread

This is the memes thread… Post up some that you find. I am also gonna post some i find.

More ;D ;D

The memories…

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Those aren’t memes, those are poorly done image macros that doesn’t even make sense.
They look like those image macros I used to see in lolcats/icanhascheezburger website and its offshoots.

I seriously hate how people think any image macro = meme.

Not that I wanna judge, but I’m guessing they’re 9gaggers



I think most of us see enough memes on facebook and other social networks…

haha yeah and even those are starting to get terrible.

I hope you weren’t referring to mine…

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makes ya think…
I know it’s summer, and most of us don’t have school but the funnier Bad Luck Brians aren’t appropriate. :slight_smile:

That the person who made it doesn’t realize macs can get viruses…

Yup, they’re just not as likely.