The "im back thread" thread

i just went and got a glass of water,but now… IM BACK!

It’s been long enough…

nopony is gonna read this if its a sticky(i killed it)

I would say that most ponies read stickies. I suppose some die if they’re stickied, but I don’t think this one would, if it was the only sticky, or maybe with one other. After that ponies start to subconsciously ignore them, I think, but maybe it’s just me.

im back.

was on tour with my choir :slight_smile:

videos should be up soon.

I’M BACK!! Yes, I’m finally back home. It was quite fun to go to Okinawa Japan for 3 days and Taipei for 2 days.

But I made a record, 5 days without going on the computer.

6 here :stuck_out_tongue: i win

Back home now I can post at all hours of the day(or night).

yay :slight_smile:

necro, i have a feeling some people will be needing this thread.