The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread

Just got down the Kamikaze for the first time! It precessed like crazy during the weird magic drop to off-brand 1.5 mount part because it glanced my hand but I still landed it and binded (bound?)!


Made me think of Always sunny


Branding! Another dope doc pop trick.

Still need more consistent catches on the whip and working on sliding into flopsicle after landing back in 1.5.


Finally starting to land Yuma’s wrist rejection slack to twisted brother!!(idk how to call it lol) it’s a super sick element I’ve been trying to figure out off and on for a few months now and it finally clicked this morning! I get what I need to do and what I was doing wrong for so long and now I just need to tighten up the execution! Lol I’m so stoked this one has been rough!


I’m finally starting to land Cheese Whip more often than not!


I’m so hyped that I landed this


Jade whip. Only took me like a half hour? Probably because ive worked on the meta slack and beef hook and regular hook and 1.5 hook already lol

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This is straight up amazing. Id love to learn this someday, what is it?

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This is the best! Like when it’s easier to learn a trick real quick bc it’s familiar from other stuff already learned. It’s cool how Yoyo skills stack and build on top of each other. Nice!

Magic drop. It took me like 15 minutes and boy does this seem like a gateway trick to other tricks. Like you can magic drop and then do jade whip. I still havent landed that combo but i am gonna try it


That was pretty sick! Nice!

Magic drop is definitely a major foundational trick. I learned kamikaze as a next step since it has elements that get you into magic drop. I need to work on superman and candyrain next.


I just was outside in my garden, practicing some tricks after a long yo-yo break. One trick in general came to mind : the suicide yo-yo trick. I once wanted to learn that one. And quess what?
I landed it! Of course I tried a few times. Eventually I did it 3 times!
I feel so happy! Especially after such a long break!
Here’s the tutorial video from Yotricks :


What’s this trick called?

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Came home a little buzzed from a dinner party and finally landed the matrix!


It’s my own combo but with a couple takeshi elements mixed in the middle.

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You should name it. I know this is an unpopular opinion but named combos are cool.


" The Darkened Trapeze "

I just invented that. Well the name anyways.

So late last night I went out into the living room to practice. I had super alot on my mind and thought throwin some yo would get my mind off stuff. Due to hour all the lights were off. I couldnt see anything. While walking to the light switch some how I got really distracted.

  • Everything turns to mili-seconds now -

I suddenly realized that I was no longer holding the yoyo and my throw arm was extended. “Ohhh cra.p, I threw the yoyo” Which scared me because I was using my brand new, just received from a Buy here - Koi…which just happens to be dark gray… I didnt know where in the room I was or how close I was to any objects. I didnt want to damage it. So I scanned the space in front of me, trying to find it and see if I could see it and grab it or knock it to the carpet. I caught a brief glimpse of a shadow change passing in front of me, to my left. Dang …to late to react.

Then in the next mili second I realized that my receiving hand - pointer finger was also in position

Dang…I threw a trapeze !

At that instant I felt the string wrap around my finger and then the yoyo land solid on the string. - BAM ! -

In the next instant…I yelled in my mind…" OMG…I landed it ! in the bleepin dark "

Some how I kept my composure, turned to whatever light source I could grab ( which may have been towards the kitchen window bc the neighbors in the next house over and had their porch light on ) and then popped the yoyo off string and Binded it up and it came back, clean and tight into my throwing hand.

I just stood there with goosebumps. " Whoooaaaa !!! I cant believe that just happened "

…and probably never will again.

So yah…" The Darkened Trapeze "



I hit a 4.5 hook and i could cry from happiness (and shoulder pain :rofl::+1:) I’m done with hooks, not doing anything further than 4.5 :laughing::ok_hand: